MacOS X 10.3 Panther 7B21


La última beta de Panther ofrece algunos cambios respecto a su predecesora…

Aquí teneis una serie de capturas de lo que será el nuevo sistema operativo de Apple.
“Grab Bag”
Cocoa Font Panel
Crash Dialog
Updated Security “lock” Icon
Address Book
Address Book – Preferences, General note the cute new purple help button
Address Book – Preferences, Exchange Synchronization
Chess – main window
Chess – in “floating board” mode
Chess – Preferences
Chess – rotating the board with the mouse QuickTime movie
Disk Utility
Disk Utility – main window
Disk Utility – About box
Disk Utility – drive selected
Disk Utility – volume selected
Disk Utility – Info window, drive
Disk Utility – Info window, volume
Disk Utility – Fix OS 9 Permissions
Disk Utility – Log window
DVD Player
Not pictured: the new controller now has a grabber on the drawer.
DVD Player – icon
Finder – Archive “selection” menu item
Finder – archived file icon
Finder – Go menu note the addition of utilities folder
Finder – Preferences, General
Finder – Preferences, Labels
Finder – Preferences, Sidebar
Finder – Preferences, Advanced
Finder – “classic”-style window click the toolbar widget and it toggles from the brushed with the toolbar and sidebar to this
Finder – animated icon launch QuickTime movie
Finder – Preferences, Labels
Font Book – main window
Font Book – About box
Font Book – Preferences
Font Book – Preview
Mail now comes with four gorgeous alert sounds for Fetch Error, Mail Sent, New Mail, and No Mail.
Mail – Viewer using thread view on messages I replied to myself
Mail – Attachments menu
Mail – Preference, General
Mail – Preference, Signatures
Mail – Accounts, Account Information
Mail – Accounts, Special Mailboxes
Mail – Accounts, Advanced
Software Update
Software Update – updates available
Software Update – progress
Software Update – optimizing
System Preferences
System Preferences – main window
System Preferences – Appearance note smooth srolling
System Preferences – Accounts, No Limits
System Preferences – Accounts, Some Limits
System Preferences – Accounts, Simple Finder
System Preferences – Date & Time, Clock
System Preferences – International, Formats
Fuente AppleInsider

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