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ElectricImage Universe 5.5

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EI Technology Group ha hecho público el listado, tan esperado, de nuevas características que tendrá la versión 5.5.

Electric Image, software lider en animación 3D en Hollywood, tanto por su calidad como por su velocidad de render, añade los siguientes novedades:
Caustics – Camera can now generate caustic effects.
Refraction caustics (transparent objects).
Reflection caustics.
Separate controls for each group for both refraction and reflection caustics.
Uses photon mapping techniques for great speed.
Automatic calculation of photon distribution or user can supply his own.
Ray Tracer optimization – The raytracer is now 20% faster overall. It is up to 300% faster for projects that contain millions of polygons.
Camera – Camera can now use 2GB of RAM under OS X and Windows
Camera supports Image files greater than 2GB
Camera supports texture caches larger than 2GB
Improved rendering of Clip Maps that use RGB channels.
Ray Trace Reflection Blur – You can blur the raytrace reflection.
Ray trace reflection blur maps
Blur by a constant number
Separate controls for blur angle, grain and samples
GrangerFX Plugin Support – Camera can now render directly to the GrangerFX plugin
file format (.vfx). This plugin works in AE and Premiere Pro
Animator and Camera can now be used to create real time
transitions and effects for AE and Premiere Pro.
Light Gels for Illuminators – Apply a map to color the lights created by the illuminator.
Can apply an HDRI lightprobe directly
Can select upper or lower half image
Can apply a fisheye image to Gel
Animated maps or texture sequences can be used
Display window features – Control for viewing image in user-selected gamma.
Can view HDRI (lightprobe) files and save them out as Image.
Adjustable exposure control for HDRI files
Adjustable contrast control for HDRI files
Can save out HDRI files as 6 frame environment map
Can save out HDRI files as cubic QTVR movie.
New Deformations that can be combined to create a nice looking ocean.
Circular Wave II – Fade by distance controls
Smoothing of wave
Can produce multiple wave instances
Runwave – Noise style deformation
Displaces geometry using a noise function.
Include a variety of controls for noise parameters
Deformation Copy and paste – You can copy and paste deformations between groups.
Deformation Switches – You can turn on and off each deformation region and each deformation.
Duplicate Strength Maps – Duplicate button for painted strength maps.
make a copy of the painted map and work on the copy
to experiment while preserving the orignal.
Project Window Reordering – You can reorder items in the Project window.
This can also be used to change the hierarchy
Camera Maps – Reordering Cameras in the Project window will alter the order
that camera maps are applied during rendering.
Turn off Undo for cameras – You can turn off undo for a camera so that it can be used to
view changes you have made to the scene without disturbing
the undo of your last operation.
Texture Sequences – A folder filled with numerically sequenced image (or QuickTime
compatible) files can now be used as an animated texture map in
Animator and Camera.
Mr Nitro2 plugin – Enhanced version of the explosion plugin
Extrude exploded elements
Separate timing controls
Use strength map to control explosion
Mr. Nitro 2 has visible blast wave previews.
Xpressionist 2.0 – Mac and Windows
Can compile scripts with GCC for fast execution (OS X and Win).
Built in text editor
Support for external text editors
Improved user interface
NPR Shader Lite – Non Photorealistic Rendering shader
Ink, pencil and charocoal modes
Large number of separate controls for many ‘looks’
Lonelywave shader – Finite wave, with a controlable number of ripples and preview
controls to check how the wave will look at any time. It also
produces bump, color and displacement.
Includes reactive controls
Simplewave shader – Finite wave shader with bump and displacement
Includes reactive controls
SpKiller Shader – Allows you to prevent specular highights from appearing on the back side of transparent objects.
Gradient Shader – Up to 12 different color keys.
Can specify the direction shader is applied from
Can apply the shader from object edge
Can apply the shader from light source direction
Cammo2 Shader – More color regions
Noise algorithm can be chosen for each region
Reactive Shaders:
Transporter 5.5- Runs under OS X, 9 and Windows
Can import the newer LightWave file format
Can bring UVs in from OBJ files
Uses an OpenGL window for model display
Can optionally display vertex and face normals
Modeler Spring primitive
Ubernurbs/mesh enhancements: picking etc
Tessellation settings improvements
Y constrained dragging in Iso View window
La actualización estará a la venta apartir de esta semana, teneis más información en la web de EI Technoloy Group

Consegue en tempo real avisos de novos artigos no teu dispositivo, subscribete agora.

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